Sigma Kappa

Parent FAQ

Parent FAQ

What is a sorority?

A sorority is a group of women that come together and are bound by their shared goals, experiences, sisterhood, and values. 

What is the process of joining a sorority?

At Indiana State University, we participate in a values-based, formal recruitment process in the fall semester. Students can register for formal recruitment through the Indiana State University Panhellenic website. During formal recruitment, they will attend four rounds throughout the week. During this time they will be able to meet chapter members from all nine sororities, and get to know all about the chapters' sisterhood, philanthropy, and values. Following the four rounds is Bid Day. This is the most exciting day for the student, as they will receive their bid and get to run home to all of their future sisters.

Will joining a sorority affect my child's academics?

Academics are highly valued in our chapter, and school always comes first. We offer a scholarship program that includes study buddies, study nights at the chapter house, study hours, academic resources, and scholarship awards. We also have a GPA requirement, and if a member falls below this requirement they are given additional academic assistance from our Vice President of Scholarship. We find that chapter member's grades typically go up due to chapter member support and our scholarship standards. 

How will my child benefit from joining a sorority?

By joining a sorority, your child will benefit in numerous ways including being more involved on campus, community service, leadership opportunities, and developing life-long friendships. We offer various leadership experiences through our executive and junior executive council positions, conventions and conferences we attend, and opportunities through Panhellenic. Being in a sorority allows your student to expand their network and become a well-rounded individual. 

How much time commitment is required as a member?

There are various events held throughout the year that are required as a member. This includes philanthropy events, chapter meetings, and recruitment. We often allow members to pick and choose which events they wish to come to, to allow flexibility with their schedules. Your membership and time spent in Sigma Kappa is what you make of it. The more events you attend, the more involved you become with your sisters and the chapter. We always highly encourage members to attend as many events as possible, to get the most out of their experience.

What is the chapter's policy on hazing? 

Sigma Kappa has a strict no hazing policy. In fact, we have implemented Hazing Prevention programming and promote our RespΣKt Movement throughout the year. Hazing is also not tolerated on Indiana State's campus, and students can contact the campus's Fraternity/Sorority Life Office or Student Conduct Office if they ever experience or witness hazing.